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making steps 

Step 1: get any metal bowl; the right size for your head piece.

Step 2: cover your metal bowl with cling films. This will help to get the plastic of the bowl if it gets stuck.

Step 3: fold news paper onto a nose shape. This will help you to create the nose shape while you heating the plastic. Used hot glue gun to stick onto the bowl.

Step 4: get one plastic bottle and a craft knife. Then cut out the plastic bottle in half starting from the top of the bottle.

Step 5: place one half of the bottle on to the side of the metal bowl. Make sure the plastic stay on one side while you using the hair dryer; so you end up with a good shape.

Step 6: use the lighter to help you creating you shape as the hair dryer is not good enough.

Step 7: keep heating and banding the plastic because the more you heat it the good result you will get.

Step 9: use the craft knife to cut around the dart.

Step 10: feed the embroidery though the wholes. Use the craft knife to pull up the thread though the holes.

Step 11: in between two holes make a knot. this will tight the pieces together. 

Step 12: measure a enough space between the nose and draw the eyes.

Step 13: cut around the eye shape.

Step 14: measure the back of  the headpiece and place the elastic band.

Step 15: cut two holes in each side of the mask beside the ear and thread the elastic band through, then make a not to hold the piece together.

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